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We are a sportswear brand with 13 years of experience in the fitness sector, guided by the latest international trends in Fashion-Fitness, specially designed for sophisticated Latin women. We aim to promote high performance fitness culture and empower women.

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This differential makes us stand out, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the market, offering exclusive collections that are renewed week by week with quality supplies and creation processes that meet all quality standards. We aim to bring you the most innovative and fashionable looks for your workouts and your everyday life.

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Our exclusive fabrics are designed in Brazil and designed to give you the support, functionality and style you expect. Within our collections you can find the right fabrics for your training needs with unique models. With your well-being in mind, our fabrics provide compression and the perfect fit for each of your movements with designs that easily sculpt and shape your silhouette. The versatility of our models, allow you to take them everywhere. Once you're done in the gym, our sporty look will become your favorite for the rest of your activities. Versatility, comfort and a lot of style for you.